edit - Edit File

The edit search and edit a file inside a package using command line. It is provided by the colcon-ed package.

When a correct package name and file name is provided, it will open that file with an editor.

$ colcon edit <package_name> <file_name>


To enable auto-complete, check out the installation guide.

Hidden files and .pyc files are ignored. If multiple files under the same name are present, they will all be listed and you can type in the index number to select which file to edit.

By default, vim is the editor that will be used, but you can also use other editors by specifying $EDITOR environment variable to the ones preferred. For example, to use Visual Studio Code, simply run

$ export EDITOR=code

Command line arguments

These common arguments can be used:

The following specific positional arguments are used:

Explicit package name to specify which package the file is in.
File name to specify which file to edit.