The following describes the mapping of some catkin_make_isolated options and arguments to the colcon command line interface.

--source PATH
--base-paths BASEPATH
--build PATH
--build-base PATH
--devel PATH
colcon doesn’t support the concept of a “devel” space. Instead you can choose the path of the devel space as the install base and perform an normal installation.
--install-space PATH
--install-base PATH
--cmake-args -G Ninja
--cmake-args -G "NMake Makefiles"
colcon always performs an installation. It doesn’t support the concept of a “devel” space.
--cmake-args ...
--cmake-args ... The closing double dash is not necessary anymore. Any CMake arguments which match colcon arguments need to be prefixed with a space. This can be done by quoting each argument with a leading space.
--packages-select PKGNAME1 ... PKGNAMEn
--from-pkg PKGNAME
--packages-start PKGNAME
--only-pkg-with-deps PKGNAME1 ... PKGNAMEn
--packages-up-to PKGNAME1 ... PKGNAMEn