Event handler arguments

The event handlers are used by several verbs to generate any kind of output based on the progress of the invocation. For each argument the name in brackets indicates which package contributes it.

--event-handlers [name1+ [name2- …]] [colcon-core]

A list of event handlers to enable (trailing +) or disable (trailing -). The default is chosen by each available event handler (see colcon <verb> --help).

  • console_cohesion [colcon-output]:

    Pass job output at once to stdout after it has finished.

  • console_direct [colcon-core]:

    Pass output directly to stdout / stderr. When processing multiple jobs in parallel the output will likely interleave.

  • console_package_list [colcon-output]:

    Output a list of queued job names.

  • console_start_end [colcon-core]:

    Output each job name when starting / ending.

  • console_stderr [colcon-output]:

    Output all stderr of a job at once after it has finished.

  • desktop_notification [colcon-notification]:

    Enable desktop notification of the summary indicating the result of the invocation.

  • event_log [colcon-output]:

    Log all events to a global log file events.log. See here for more information about the location of that log file.

  • graphviz_anim [colcon-graphviz-anim]:

    Generate a .gif file of the job progress after the invocation has finished. See here for more details.

  • log [colcon-output]:

    Output job specific log files containing all the output of invoked commands. See here for more information about the location of these log files.

  • log_command [colcon-colcon]:

    Log a debug message for each invoked command. Either set a custom log level to show debug messages or check the generated log files.

  • status [colcon-notification]:

    Show a status line at the current cursor in the terminal title and update it continuously.

  • store_result [colcon-package-select]:

    Persist the result of a job in a file in its build directory which allows the information to be used in subsequent invocation to select packages based on the previous result.

  • summary [colcon-output]:

    Output a single line summarizing the result of all jobs after the invocation has finished.

  • terminal_title [colcon-notification]:

    Show the ongoing status in the terminal title.