The following describes the mapping of some catkin_tools options and arguments to the colcon command line interface.

catkin build

--packages-up-to PKGNAME1 ... PKGNAMEn
--packages-select PKGNAME1 ... PKGNAMEn
--start-with PKGNAME
--packages-start PKGNAME
--cmake-args ... --
--cmake-args " -D..." Any CMake arguments which start with a dash need to be prefixed with a space. This can be done by quoting each argument with a leading space. The closing double dash is not necessary anymore.
-v, --verbose
--event-handler console_cohesion+
-i, --interleave-output
--event-handler console_direct+
--event-handler status-
--no-summarize, --no-summary
--event-handler summary-
--event-handler desktop_notification-